How do I know what size to order?

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Will my kids grow out of their Snuggle Blankets?

The Snuggle Blanket is designed to be very forgiving size-wise. If you get a Toddler size, it should fit at least a year or two, though it will gradually get shorter as the child grows. Larger sizes would fit for even more years. You can take out the hem stitching if you want it to be a couple of inches longer. It will take a very long time for it to get too small around!

If you choose to buy a size too large to allow for extra growth room, you can turn up the hem and baste it to make it shorter. If the Snuggle Blanket is too wide, so that it covers the hands, you can put a tuck in the wristband to make it smaller until the child grows enough to unstitch the tuck. 

Can you make custom sizes?

Yes, for an additional charge. Select Special Order in the Size picker, then enter the length and width you want. For most people, you would want to measure the distance from your chin to the floor and add 1" for the length, to make it floor length. You measure the width from the crease of one wrist to the crease of the other wrist, while holding your arms stretched wide, and add 1" to get a width that will allow plenty of movement. 

Who are you anyway?

My name is Laura Dilts. I have ten children, and right now 21 (and counting) grandchildren. I have been sewing since I was a little girl, and making most of my own clothing since I was twelve years old. As of right now, I sew every one of these Snuggle Blankets myself. 

How long does it take to get my order? 

If I have your fabric in stock, I can usually ship within one week, depending on how many orders are ahead of yours. Since I have just started this business, I don't know how busy I will be, but I will always let you know if there will be a delay. 

If you pre-order a fabric that is out of stock, I will let you know within a day or two when I expect to have it, and you can choose to wait, or to order a different fabric. Fabric orders take about one week to receive from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is out of stock, it may take an additional week or two.

After your item is shipped, it should take less than a week for you to receive it.

How can I tell if you have a fabric in stock?

If you click In Stock Only from the menus, you will see the fabrics I currently have in stock. Any item that says "Pre-Order Now" on a button is something that I do not have in stock, but can order. I can make only three Snuggle Blankets out of an entire bolt of fabric, so if I get several orders at one time for the same fabric, I may have to order more in order to make all of them. The earlier you order, the better chance that I will still have it in stock. I will try to keep the stock levels updated as orders come in. 

Can you special order other fabrics?

Send in a Contact form with a description of what you are looking for, and I will let you know. If the manufacturer has it, and you are willing to order two of that print, I can add it to my next order from them.

Why are the Premium Prints more expensive?

Any fabric with a horizontal stripe or design, such as the plaids, take extra fabric in order to match the design at the side seams. They take extra time to lay out and cut, and extra time to sew. 


Shipping inside the continental United States is free. Contact me for other shipping destinations.